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There are several ways to import animal data into your account. If you have questions about which method is right for your team, please contact our support team and describe to us the state of your current animal data so that we can suggest the best option for your situation.

Where do I find it?

Each type of import is done differently, and imports from other sites are each different. See the chapters in this section to help you complete your import.

Remember, our support team can help you decide which method is right for your organization.

Using one-time imports by the support team

Many organizations need help importing animal data once when they open a new account, so we refer to this as a one-time import.  One-time imports are done by our support team only, not through the Import Account feature. Find out how to complete a one-time import here.

Importing data automatically

You may want to automatically load your own data, either from your own CSV file or from a third-party service. You can do this on a single occasion, or choose to import animal data on a continual basis. For example, some organizations use a third-party service to enter their animal data and then upload that data to using our automatic import option, so that we can help share their animal data with all of our listing sites. will automatically process your imported data if it is formatted appropriately and has valid data. 

Using our API

Some organizations may want to add data to their account through the use of our APIs. To learn if this approach is right for your organization, we invite you to read through our API Developers Guide.

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