The sample animal data file is actually a template you can download and fill in.  It's available in either an Excel or OpenOffice format.  This spreadsheet allows you to create a spreadsheet with listings for multiple animals and then import all the animals into your account at once.

It is used to send us bulk animal data that you need to import on a single occasion, a process we call a one-time import. 

If you would like to import animal data on an on-going basis, or prefer to upload your own data to import, please read about our other options for Importing Animal Data.

Where do I find it?

You can download the sample animal data Excel file here.

The sample data file we provided you is used to add multiple animals to your account.  The data file will help you to be sure that the values and data you are entering are formatted in a way that allows them to be imported into our system.

When you open the sample file you'll notice that most of the fields have a drop-down arrow that lets you select a value (like Breed, Color, Microchip Vendor, etc).

To use, just download the data file, fill in the pertinent columns, and then save the file with a descriptive file name. 

Once you've populated the data into the spreadsheet, please send the file to our support team so that we can complete a one-time import for your account.  


Not every field in the sample data file needs to be completed. You can read more about Animal Fields on the Supported animal import fields page.

We highly recommend you complete the following fields at minimum as they are almost always required to export animals to our partner sites: Name, Status, Species, PriBreed, Sex, GeneralSizePotential, GeneralAge, Description and Pictures. Descriptions and Picture URL's are not required by our partner sites but inclusion is recommended to aid adoptions.

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