The Pet Adoption Portal helps organizations gain as much exposure for their adoptable animals as possible with as little overhead as possible by updating many of the national pet adoption websites at one time.  Now your volunteers, currently updating only one adoption list, can update all the major adoption listing websites at once, gaining more exposure for your animals while doing the same amount of work. And if your volunteers have been updating sites one at a time, the Pet Adoption Portal allows one volunteer to update one site to populate many.  And yes, it's completely free!

Here's a video about the Pet Adoption Portal that we hope you'll enjoy.


A few of the benefits of using the Portal:

  • Single-site updating of all the major adoption listing websites.
  • Completely and totally free service, nothing to buy, no fee for data uploads, no charges!
  • No forced advertisements in your pet descriptions.
  • No forced pet list scroller on your website.
  • Ease of setup because we do most of the work for you, including getting set up with most of the adoption listing site AND adding your animals!
  • Ease of use: update one site to update all.
  • Data and picture exports available at any time.
  • Peace of mind: we never delete your data.

Where to Start

We recommend these steps before you begin setting up your service:

  1. Review the Getting started with guide.
  2. Review this Getting started with the Pet Adoption Portal section.
  3. Review your organization's contact information for accuracy and as a refresher to you.
  4. Add your animals. For more information about adding animals, see the Animals section of this guide.
  5. Enable exports.
  6. Add volunteers.

Don't worry.  If this is all overwhelming, we're here for you!  You can open a support ticket with us at any time.

In this section, you'll find all the information you need to set up your service for the first time  You'll also learn about other services that we offer.

Do you need help?

If at any time you don't understand the instructions or you're stumped, just send us a support ticket and we'll be glad to help you - either to get started or to continue managing your account.  

Open a support ticket by using the fields on the left navigation bar at  You can also update your existing support ticket with new information or questions.

The first steps

The information in this Getting Started section will take you through the following steps:

  • Submitting a veterinarian reference letter should it be requested of your organization
  • Logging in to your account
  • Learning what to expect from the setup process
  • Getting familiar with the account interface
  • Learning how information is organized in your account
  • Learning about adding and managing your adoptable animals
  • Learning about adding and managing your contacts
  • How to search for information in your account
  • Information about our services and those you've signed up for
  • Roles, Security, and Permissions in your account
  • Learning about free tools to help you manage your animal information
  • Account adminstration
  • Getting support
  • Features
  • Reports
  • Your FTP account

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