The Audit Log shows the security events from your service.  These are events like adding animals, web page content updates, guestbook updates, etc.

Where do I find it?

You can find the Audit Log page by going to Services > Account Administration and clicking Audit Log.

The following actions are available for the Audit Log with the specified service and user roles:




User Roles


Able to view the audit log entries


Site Admin

The Audit Log feature captures many actions that users take while working in your account. Currently, not all actions are recorded in the Audit Log. For example, if a bulk action is taken on a data table list (such as changing the status of multiple animals) that would not be recorded here. 

The Audit Log is displayed in a data table, and you can manipulate the data as you can when using any of the other data tables in your account. For more information about data tables, see the chapter How information is organized in your account.

You can change the view for the information in this data table, export it to a spreadsheet, or sort it by any of the headings. This table is useful for determining what tasks have been completed and by which volunteer, or for determining workload for a particular volunteer.

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