The Special Lists feature automatically creates lists of animals that meet certain criteria, for example, Special Needs, Recent Arrivals, Puppies, Kittens, etc.

Where do I find it?

You can find the Special Lists page by going to Animals > Settings then clicking Special Lists.

On this page:

The Special Lists web pages will be automatically updated as you add your animals.

All times/ages are in days.

You can enter just the youngest age if you do not want to have a maximum age for the list.

For example:

  • Kittens/Puppies: 0-180
  • Teens: 181-364
  • Adults: 365

(For the Adults list you would enter only enter the start age for the youngest age, and leave the Oldest blank if you do not want to use the seniors group).

You must enter a birth date (even approximate) for each animal to have age related special lists work. Example: puppies, kittens, teens, adults, seniors.

This will automatically age the animal and move them from one list to the next as they age.

The Special Lists are:

Special List


Kittens / Puppies

Enter the age range, like 0/180 for animals 0 days to 6 months old to be shown


Enter the age range


Enter the age range


Enter the age range


Automatically updated from the Highlight field (a highlight of 0 is urgent).  See the Highlighted Animals for more information.

Long Time/Must Adopt

Uses the Received Date field from the animal to show only animals that have been in your organization for the specified time

Special Needs

Automatically updated from the Special Needs animal field

Needs a Caretaker (Foster)

Automatically updated from the Needs a Caretaker animal field

Recent Arrivals

This uses the Received Date field from the animal to show only animals received within a certain number of days

Courtesy Listings

Automatically updated from the Courtesy Listing animal field

Special Needs

To automatically add an animal to the Special Needs web page:

  1. Enable Special Needs in your Special Lists.
  2. When Adding or Editing an Animal, enter in some text in the Special needs description in the Additional Notes and Comments section.
  3. If the special needs animal also needs a sponsor, you can enable the Sponsorships for that animal. See Animal Sponsorships.

How to Add Special Lists to a Custom Menu

Many of the layouts and menus will automatically show links to the Special Lists that you enable using the Default Menu. If you have a Custom Menu you may need to manually add the Special Lists links to your menu.

If you do not see the Special List you would like to use in your website menu or in your link list, read the chapter Adding menu items for more information.

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