You can transfer an existing domain name to your account. You may then want to configure this domain name for use on your Website or hosting services. The article below will walk you through the transfer and configuration processes. 

A domain name transfer can take five to seven days to complete. Do not initiate a transfer if your domain name has expired or is going to expire in less than a week. You cannot make any changes to the domain name during the transfer process (ex., changing DNS servers, DNS entries, forwarding, etc).

If you have any questions or concerns about your domain name or the domain name transfer process please contact Support before initiating a domain name transfer.


If you have email services or any other configurations on your domain name with your third party DNS provider/registrar, they may stop working when you change registrars. The most common example is email services. Be sure you understand what services would be affected before initiating a transfer.

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There are several steps to the process of transferring a domain name. As the transfer process can take several days, be sure to leave at least a week before your domain name's expiration date to complete the transfer. If you do not have at least a week before the domain's renewal date to transfer the domain name, we recommend that you renew the domain name with the current registrar, and then request the transfer 60 days later.

It is your responsibility to confirm that the domain name transfer completes successfully. If the domain name transfer fails, the domain will remain with the original registrar with the original expiration date.

If there are any issues with the domain name transfer, we will email the person that requested the transfer. Please watch your email and respond quickly so we can successfully transfer your domain name.

Prepare the domain name

  1. Verify that it has been more than 60 days since you registered or last transferred the domain name.  A domain name cannot be transferred within 60 days of registration or its last transfer.
  2. Verify that the domain is unlocked (secure mode is disabled).  This is typically represented by Status: OK in the domain name's Whois information.
  3. Verify that privacy is disabled on the domain (email address in step #4 should be a real person's address).
  4. Verify that you have access to the email address specified in the "Admin Email" portion of the domain registration. You can find this information by using a whois tool like  If you do not have access to the email account, you should either contact someone who does (and will forward emails received to you) or change the email on the domain name.
  5. Verify that you have the correct domain transfer authorization code.

Each domain name registrar has a different way to retrieve the Transfer Authorization Code.  We would recommend that you contact your current registrar's support if you do not know where to find the transfer/EEP code.

You can use any provider's Whois tool to check the status of your domain name.

Request the domain name transfer

Once you have verified and collected the information from the above steps, go to Services > Domain Names and click Transfer a Domain Name.

After submitting the Transfer Authorization Code and the domain name to us, an invoice will be created for the domain name transfer. 

Submitting the transfer request from your account only creates an invoice for the domain name transfer. The domain name transfer will be automatically initiated as soon as the invoice for the transfer has been paid.

Submit payment for the domain name transfer

You can submit payment for the domain name transfer invoice from your Invoices page (Services > Account Administration > Invoices).  The domain name transfer will be automatically initiated as soon as the invoice for the transfer has been paid.

Approve the domain name transfer

When the transfer is initiated after payment, an email will be sent to the current domain name Administrative Contact (using the email address provided in the Whois information as described above).  You must click the Approve link in the email you receive from our registrar.  If the email address is not available because privacy is enabled, or the email address is not accessible to you, you will not be able to approve the transfer, and the transfer will fail.

Verify that the domain name transfer has completed

After the transfer processes (5-7 days after payment) you should verify that the transfer completed successfully.  There are three ways that you can verify that the domain name transferred to

  1. Use a Whois tool to verify that the domain name registrar is now listed as 'PDR Ltd. d/b/a'. This is our vendor for domain name registration.
  2. Verify with your original registrar that the domain name has transferred away.
  3. Check your Services page to verify that the domain name is listed (Services > Account Administration > Your Services then Domains > My Domains).

Manage your domain name

When a domain is initially transferred to our registry, our system keeps the same name servers that were in use prior to the transfer. This prevents a sudden change to your website or web services at an unexpected time. There are two items you may need to manage for your domain once the transfer has completed: 

Add the domain to your account

You may now want to add this domain to your organization's account so that our system knows you want to associate the domain name with your services. Please note, adding a domain name to your account is not the same as registering or transferring a domain name. Please read about how to add a domain name in order to use it with your services.

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