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The Available Date is one of the many animal fields that are available for each animal.  To set the Available Date, edit an animal and look for the field in the Administrative Information section.

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Available Date is an animal field that helps you control when an animal will be shown as available for adoption. Enter a date if the animal will not be available for adoption until a specific date. Depending on the animal Status you choose, one of the following will occur:

For Website Service organizations, if you select either the Available for Adoption or Available for Sponsorship Status, a message will appear on the animal's web page that he/she will not be available for adoption until the date you entered. In this case the animal will be visible to the public and a message about the animal not being available yet will be shown.

For all services, if you select Not Available as the status, the animal's status will automatically change to available on the day you entered for Available Date. This way the animal will not be visible to the public until he/she is available.

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