Domain names make your web address easy to remember. For Website Service, you are not required to register a domain name as your organization can choose a free hostname, which acts as a domain name. We do strongly recommend it though, and suggest you read our article about the many reasons why your rescue needs a domain name!

You will get a website URL like this:  The hostname is the first part of your website address (adoptablepets), and the second part is our name ( because we host your site.  

You can also register your own domain name, such as, at any time and configure it to use with either our Website or Hosting services.

Where do I find it?

You can find the information about domain names by going to Services and selecting any of the links under Domain.

On this page:

Why register a domain name?

A domain name makes it easy for guests to find your website. For instance, the name is shorter and easier to remember than If you want a domain name like, see the chapter Registering a domain name.

Do I have to register a domain name?

You never have to register a domain name. Some groups don’t sign up for a domain name because of the expense. And that’s okay. You can use your hostname from as your domain name.

My organization already has a domain name registered, can we use it?

 Yes. To do that, you can add the domain to your account, and “point” your existing domain name to our default name servers. This will allow your visitors to use your existing domain name to access your Website.

See the instructions for Adding an existing domain to your account.

My organization would like to register a domain name

There are two ways of registering a domain name to use with your  Website Service :

Domain renewal and your Website Service

If you have registered your domain name through and you have the Website Service, you will receive a domain renewal invoice in addition to your Website Service invoice when it is time to renew your domain name. Domain names are renewed annually, and that renewal allows your organization to keep the custom domain name you registered. Remember, your hostname is part of your Website Service, but the domain name is not.

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