Here at, we want you to feel confident in using your services.  We've created user guides, how-to videos, and we have a Facebook page, a blog, and offer a frequently asked question feature.  You can search the database of questions our users have posted to see if the answer you're seeking is on the list.

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Where do I find it?

To find a list of support documentation, as well as a link to the Getting Started with guide, our frequently asked questions, and the form for opening a support ticket, go to our Support page from our website.

On this page:

User guides

Our user guides cover each service, and include a Getting Started guide:


Although documentation and support staff may refer you to another tool or website for further help, does not endorse any third-party application or website.


You can find a list of our instructional videos in the Getting Started with guide at this page:

Instructional videos


To see and search our Knowledge Base of frequently asked questions, or to ask a question yourself, visit this page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Support tickets

To fill out a support ticket for help, visit our Support page, or from your account interface page, click Get Support.


You can read our blog here.


Visit our Facebook page.

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