To give you the best experience possible when editing your web pages, we've compiled a few tips to help you be successful.

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Customize the CSS

If you are using the editor for web pages on the Website Service, you may want to consider customizing your stylesheet (CSS). Instead of changing the font face and font size on each page, we can help you customize your stylesheet so that you can make changes globally to all of your pages easily. Contact our support team if you need help on this topic. 

How to align text

Text Alignment

To adjust the text alignment: don't use the spacebar, it adds extra HTML code and makes the page unstable.
Instead, select the text you want to align, highlight the text with your cursor and select one of the text Justify/Align icons in the second row.

How to add line breaks

Line Breaks

To keep paragraph lines together, hold down the shift key and enter/return key.

That action adds a line break tag <br/> and not a paragraph tag <p> which has more space between the lines.

How to copy and paste text

We strongly recommend that you do not directly copy and paste into the editor (for example, by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). It may seem to work, but often causes issues after saving the content, that can make your page unpredictable, unstable or load slowly. Please use one of the following methods instead.

Paste in from Word

If pasting in your descriptions from an outside source, such as an email or Microsoft Word, and you would like to preserve as much formatting as possible, you could try the Paste in from Word tool built into the editor. The Paste in from Word button is on the editor's toolbar, and looks like a briefcase with a W on it. That should remove most of the unwanted formatting or code while leaving the basic formatting in tact.

Paste in as Plain Text

If that doesn't resolve your issues or if you do not want formatting at all, use the Paste in as Plain Text button the editor's toolbar to paste it in with NO formatting. This icon looks like a briefcase with a notepad on it.

Previously pasted content causing issues?

If you have added content to the editor which is not displaying, or is causing odd formatting issues that you want to get rid of it, use the following steps:

  1. Edit the pet.
  2. In the editor, click the Select All button on the editor's toolbar.
  3. Right click the selected text and click Copy (or Ctrl+C on a PC, Command+C on a Mac) to copy the selected text.
  4. Click the Paste as Plain Text button on the editor's toolbar.
  5. In the Paste as Plain Text dialog that pops up, paste in the copied text.
  6. Click Insert at the bottom of the Paste as Plain Text dialog to overwrite the selected text with the plain text.
  7. Save the pet.

How to remove font styles

Once you've copied and pasted to the editor, you can then reformat the text styles, bold, font size, etc.

  • Edit the content
  • Select your text
  • Click the eraser icon on the Editor.

If that does not work you may want to try:

  • Edit the content
  • Put your cursor in the editor
  • Select all of the content on the page [ Ctrl+A on a PC, Command+A on a Mac ]
  • Copy to clipboard [ Ctrl+C on a PC, Command+C on a Mac ]
  • Click the Paste from Word button in the editor's toolbar
  • Paste the content into the dialog box that opens [ Ctrl+V on a PC, Command+V on a Mac ]
  • Click insert

This should paste the content back without formatting, yet keeps the links intact.

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