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The Organization Contact Information page stores your organization's email address, mailing address, phone numbers and other contact information.

Where do I find it?

Find the Organization Contact Information page by going to Services > Account Administration and clicking Contact Information.


On this page:

 Click here for information on permissions

The following actions are available for Contact Information with the specified service and user roles:




User Roles


Able to view the organization’s contact information


Site Admin


Able to update the organization contact information


Site Admin

Reviewing your organization's contact information

It's important to review and update your organization's contact information any time there is a change to your organization's email, address, or primary contact. Some organizations review the information annually. To review your organization's contact information, from the Account Administration menu, select the link for Organization Contact Information. This opens the form you filled out with all of your organization's information, such as email address, name, telephone number, primary contact, and so forth.

Adding and updating your organization's contact information

To add or update this information from the Account Administration menu:

  • Click Contact Information in the heading section. When you click to arrive at the Contact Information page, your organization's name should already display in the top field:

  • Click the hyperlinked Organization Contact Information heading beneath the menu (see above) and then click Update your organization's main contact information

Both of these take you to the same place.  There are two sections, the General Information, and the Additional Information sections.

From there, simply type in the new information in any of the fields.

Video on Updating your Organization's Contact and Billing Information

Here is a helpful video that can walk you through how to update your information as well.

More information on fields 

General information

The Short Name (Acronym) may be something like Basset Rescue Across Texas using BRAT as an acronym.

If you have a physical address, enter it - or a PO box if you have that, in the street address section so that can send you snail mail if necessary.  You can tap the radio button No to prevent your organization's street address from showing on the website.

You can do the same thing with your phone number.  By clicking the radio button No, you can make your organization's phone number private.  You can also keep your email address from showing on the website.  Please note that when someone sends the organization an email from your website, it will go to the email address you specify here in Contact Information.

Under the heading Additional Information, you can add more information about your organization.  This information is used in the API, which means that if a third-party developer is creating an add-on to our software, they can access the database where this information is stored in order to design their software.  In addition, the URLs are available through the Pet Adoption Toolkit, a free add-on that displays your adoptable pet photos and descriptions on any website.

You must update your organization's contact information on and Petfinder manually (if you have accounts on those two websites). To do that, log in directly to those sites. If you do not have your login account information for those sites, contact them directly.

The other adoption listing websites (, etc) receive your contact information either through our API service or through one of the other adoption listing websites.

Additional information

Use the Additional Information section to add information about your organization that is used in the API. That means that if a third-party developer is creating an add-on to our software, they can access the database where this information is stored in order to design their software.  In addition, the URLs are available through the Pet Adoption Toolkit, a free add-on that displays your adoptable pet photos and descriptions on any website.

Main Website URLEnter your organization's primary website.
Facebook URLIf your organization is on Facebook, enter the URL for your Facebook page here.
Adoption URLThe URL to the page where you do adoptions goes here.
Donation URLThe page where you accept donations goes here.
Sponsorship URLIf you accept sponsorships for your adoptable pets, enter the URL for your sponsorship page here.
Are you a rescue or a shelter?This is self-explanatory. If you're a physical shelter and accept animals at the shelter, you would, of course, say shelter.
What is your incorporation status?Self-explanatory, enter whether or not you are incorporated and your status, what state, what type, LLC or "Inc."
What services do you provide (adoptions, spay/neuter, etc)?Enter the services you provide to the community, not to the animals in your care. For instance, do you do trap/neuter/vaccinate/release? Do you offer low-cost or free spay/neuter?
What cities, towns, and counties do you serve?Enter the area of your coverage.
What is your adoption process?Enter the process, including requirements, such as application required, vet check, interview, fee, home visit, and etc.
Please tell us about your organization (including who you are, what you do, and why you do it, etc.)This is self-explanatory.
Where and when can people visit your adoptable pets?Again, simply the process or the place where people can visit your adoptable animals and the hours you are available for the service.
Does your organization euthanize to make room for new pets coming in? (not shared with the public)This is self-explanatory.
What data management/shelter management software do you use?If you have Data Management or Website Service, the answer here is But if you don't, what software do you use for data management?

Keeping your organizational information private

You can choose to prevent the email address or mailing address from showing to the public.

Update your personal contact information

To change your personal contact information (name, phone, email, etc), do the following:

  • Log in (Browse to  and click the Login button at the top of the page.)
  • Go to Services > My Settings
  • Click User Contact Info
  • Make changes to the contact information and click Save Contact Info

If you have additional contact information (such as different email addresses, phone numbers, Instant Messenger names, etc), you can add them to the Additional Contact Information web page.

If you want to add links to your IM names, look online for the correct formatting of the link.  AOL Instant Messenger links are used like this:

<a xhref="aim:goIM?screenname=yourIMnameHere">IM Me!</a>

Changing your organization's name because of a DBA change

If your organization has changed names because of a DBA change, you can change the name as it appears on your website:

Go to Services > Account Administration > Organization Contact Information and update the Organization Name and Short Name.

Changing your organization's Authorized Contacts

Your organization has up to two Authorized Contacts on the account.  These Authorized Contacts are contacted for account alerts and billing invoices from (vs. the public).   Therefore, this contact information may differ from the public contact information.  The Authorized Contact information is not public, so if you need to find out who is an authorized contact or change them please contact support ( so they can best advise you given your situation. For more information on what an Authorized Contact is please visit our guide here: About your authorized account contacts  

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