An Authorized Contact is an individual that is authorized to make changes to your service, including canceling and subscribing to new services.  An authorized contact is often a principal with the organization, like a board member or director.  The individual is not required to have permissions in your service to be an authorized contact.

When your account was created, the person who requested the account was given the authorization to manage the account, including adding and removing services and closing the account. This individual may also have provided an alternate authorized contact. Please note, an authorized contact always has (or can obtain) full Site Admin permission.  In addition, this individual will receive all account notices, including invoices.  The individual is not required to have security permissions in your account to be an Authorized contact, and cannot be removed as an Authorized contact by deleting their user account. 

If this individual is no longer available for your organization, you need to submit a Change of Authority request to us in order to change the Authorized contacts on the account. 

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