We appreciate your signing up with our Pet Adoption Portal and we want you to know what to expect.  Once you sign up with us, you should hear back within 24 business hours, depending on how long it takes us to contact your veterinarian.

Depending on which accounts need to be set up, the entire setup process can take up to two weeks.  The most time-consuming part of the process is requesting and receiving the Petfinder FTP account. If your organization already has a Petfinder FTP account, or you do not plan to update Petfinder through the Pet Adoption Portal, the setup can be completed in the same day.

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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from organizations interested in or signing up for, the Pet Adoption Portal.

What happens with my other adoption site accounts?

  • I already have accounts on the other sites -- will I now have two accounts?
    No, when we set up your uploads, we will match your Pet Adoption Portal account and your existing account on the other site.

  • Will you be asking me for any additional information to set up accounts with Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet.com?
    No. We do not need any additional information from you for us to set up the updates. Even if you already have accounts with them, you do not need to give us your existing account information.

  • When I make a change to my pet list, is there anything extra I need to do to update the other sites?
    No, the other sites will be updated automatically after you make a change to your pet list (once everything is set up).

  • When you enable the updates, will my pets change on the other sites?
    Yes. Effectively, all of the animals listed on the other sites before the Pet Adoption Portal will be removed (deleted) and your pets from the Pet Adoption Portal will be added. Assuming your Pet Adoption Portal pet list is the same as the other sites, the public won't see any difference in your pet list. However, since the animal ID numbers will change on the other sites, any links to those animals will no longer work.


Petfinder does not give us the capability to upload contact information for the animal. We strongly recommend that you put contact information into each animal's description. This not only helps on the Petfinder pet list but also the pet lists on the other sites.

What does the public see?

  • Will my pets appear the same to the public after my updates are enabled?

    The public will not be able to tell that your animals have been uploaded by the Pet Adoption Portal instead of being added manually. However, there are a few things that may work a little differently than expected, including:

    • Petfinder does not allow us to upload contacts, so all animals will use the default contact information. You can optionally have contact information automatically added to the animals' descriptions. 
    • The animal pet list may appear to the public in a different order – you may need to update any links to your Petfinder pet list so that they appear sorted by name. 
    • Not all videos are uploaded to all of the adoption listing websites. If you plan to use videos with the Portal please contact us for additional information.

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