Occasionally our support team gets notified that an existing Petfinder export account is no longer working because the credentials are failing. If this occurs with your account, our support team will contact you and request that you complete the process described below.

Petfinder credentials

The FTP credentials we have on file are not the same as the credentials you use to log into your Petfinder administration account.

To reconfigure your export to Petfinder after a failed FTP password notification:

  1. Check that you have a shelter/group account with Petfinder, and that it is currently active. You can verify this by logging into your Petfinder Pro account at https://pro.petfinder.com/
  2. While you are logged into your Petfinder account, make sure that your email address is listed in the Settings > Organization & Home Page section or shown as an Administrator under the Settings > Contacts & Access section.
  3. In your Petfinder account, make a note of your Petfinder shelter ID#, found in the Pro Dashboard section of your account. It takes the form of a state abbreviation followed by a number, for example: NC987
  4. Now visit https://pro.petfinder.com/help-desk/
  5. On the help request, enter all required fields:
    1. Email address
    2. Support Topics: Import-Export or Pet Management Software
    3. Petfinder shelter ID
    4. First name
    5. Last Name
    6. Name of Shelter or Rescue
    7. City/Province
    8. Subject: RescueGroups.org FTP Password no longer valid
    9. Description of issue
      Example Description

      RescueGroups.org reported that our FTP credentials are no longer being accepted by Petfinder. Please provide valid credentials so that we can continue to upload animals from RescueGroups.org.
  6. Submit Petfinder helpdesk request
  7. Petfinder should issue you a new FTP credential email shortly. Be sure to forward that information to our support team (support@rescuegroups.org)
  8. Once our support team receives your email, we will work to update your Petfinder export account and help resolve any other issues. All done!

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