Selecting Animal List opens the Animal List data table like the one below. From the table, you can add an animal, edit an animal's information, set the status for an animal, and manipulate the report. For instance, you may want to view only available animals, or only dogs or cats. The Animal List data table is a spreadsheet and can be used to display information the way you want to see it.

Before continuing on, please make sure you are familiar with how to use the data tables we provide by reading the chapter, How information is organized in your account in the Getting started with guide.

Data tables provide a flexible way of viewing and managing data so that you can easily find the information you need. Need help understanding them? Here is a video about data tables:

With data tables you can:

  • Quickly sort by headings
  • Change your view (change to one of the other built-in views)
  • Create custom views (change the fields and field order)
  • Share your custom view
  • Export your view to a spreadsheet
  • Add filters to your data table views

The table that follows is an explanation of the icons listed in the first column of the Animals List data table.






Click the checkbox for each of the animals for whom you want to perform one of the Actions (Adopt, Delete, Share, Unshare).



Edit the animal's description or other information.



Preview the description of the animal that appears on adoption websites.

Animal Media


View or add photos and videos associated with the animal.



Preview this animal's page on your website.( Available with the Website Service.)



View the animal description in HTML. If needed, use the handy copy button to copy the text to the clipboard.

Here is an example of the Animals Data Table.

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