You are in control of the number and depth of the services that you use. You can add services to your existing account, modify the services you use by upgrading or downgrading them, and you can cancel services you don't use at any time. You can view the services you are currently signed up for and also view the price you pay for them and the due date for your invoice.

Where do I find it?

Adding, modifying (upgrade or downgrade), and removing services is done from your Account Administration page at Services > Account Administration. For a full description of all of the menu choices, see the About account administration section of this guide.

This chapter includes:

  • How to upgrade your services
  • How to downgrade your services
  • How to change your services

For a brief description of each of our services, please view our slide presentation here.

You can also watch videos about our services here.

On this page:

Add a service

Thank you for your confidence in us! To add more services, access the Account Administration menu by clicking Services > Account Administration.

From there, the following menu opens. To view your current services at any time, along with the due date for your invoice, if fees apply, click the Your Services link, and to upgrade or add services, click the Upgrade Services link. 

That link opens a list of your current services, with a green check mark next to those you are currently using.

To add a service, click the link under the name of the service.

Upgrade a service

The best way to upgrade a service, is to go to the Services > Account Administration > Upgrade Services area, then click the link under the name of the service you want to upgrade.

Downgrade a service

You can also downgrade services (decreasing the amount of the service you use) or cancel them entirely by using the same link Services > Account Administration and clicking the Your Services link.

The page that opens lists your active services as well as those you've terminated.

Click the service you want to change. The service page opens.

From the Actions sidebar, click the Upgrade/Downgrade menu option.

Now, choose the package you want to downgrade your current package to from the options listed, and complete the steps presented to switch to the selected downgraded service.

Cancel a service

You can cancel any services by going to the Your Services page, clicking the appropriate service. and then clicking the Request Cancellation button to cancel the service. (This can also be done from the Actions menu on the left navigation bar.)

A cancellation request will be sent to  In most cases, the service will be immediately canceled and removed from your account.  In some cases, the service will cancel on its renewal date.

Any unpaid invoices for the canceled service will also be canceled.

If you have any questions or concerns after canceling a service please contact support

Here's a video to help you in upgrading, downgrading, and removing services (adding and removing)

Closing your account completely

If your organization wishes to close your account completely first be sure you have backed-up all of your information (here is a FAQ from our knowledge base with more information; When closing an organization how can I backup or export the data?).  Then, have one of your authorized contacts open a support ticket by emailing from their authorized contact email.  If you are not sure who your authorized contacts are please open a support ticket and our support team can assist.

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