I represent a rescue that uses Wordpress for our public-facing website, and we use the RescueGroups.org API to pull pet and event data server-side to be nicely displayed to our end users. 

We would like to use our Wordpress's nicely-formatted forms functionality to submit an online form (adoption applications) to our RescueGroups account. I can find in the V2 API where you can read an already submitted form, but I can't find the methods to write a new submission. 

Is it possible to write a new form submission using the V2 API? 

Alternatively, when I try to duplicate the POST from the form's iframe, I get a response in Postman of "<!--SPAMMER! 2-->" If I can't submit over the V2 API, how can I avoid being flagged as a spammer? (smile)

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      The RescueGroups.org API only manages existing forms that were created using our Online Forms service. You can read more about our v2 API in our user guide here:


      As a current user of our v2 API, please consider joining our API Developers Google Group.  We post information about updates and maintenance to this group (including news about our new v5 API!) and you can discuss development issues or questions in the group.


      1. Susan V.

        Understood that you can manage the forms creation part through the API, but what about creating a submission to an already-created form through the api? I would expect that there would be an “add” method on the submittedforms object.

      2. Emily T [RG]

        That is not currently a feature of our API. I would recommend that you add a feature request in our Jira tracking system as described in the article below:


      3. Susan V.

        Is it possible to mimic an actual iframe'd form POST to the endpoint at https://toolkit.rescuegroups.org/of/f_process/ instead of the v2 API endpoint? I can make a request but I get a response of "<!--SPAMMER! 2→"

        Thank you for your help BTW, and the quick response. I will make a feature request for the V5 API because I'm guessing V2 will be sunset soonish. 

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