What animal fields are specifically exported from Rescuegroups to Petfinder? 

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      As of this response, below are the fields that get exported.  Petfinder has been making several changes and from the documentation from Petfinder we have they state that there are some fields available in the Petfinder admin area that import does not yet support. To name a few: Arrival Date, Primary Color, Secondary Color, Coat Length, Birth Date, Animal Location, Animal Location Notes, Contact Person, Video, Primary Photo.  So although we may export it it may not currently display.  

      Fields RescueGroups.org currently Exports: 

      • Rescue ID (which may be a combination of the RescueGroups.org ID and the organization-provided Rescue ID)
      • Internal ID
      • Name
      • Primary Breed
      • Secondary Breed
      • Sex
      • General Size
      • Age
      • Description
      • Species
      • Up-to-date
      • Altered
      • Status (Available, Adopted)
      • Good with dogs
      • Good with cats
      • Good with kids
      • Housebroken
      • Declawed
      • Special needs
      • Mixed breed
      • First three pictures

      Hope this helps!



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