When I click on a link, I get kicked out of the Manage Interface and other strange browser behaviors.  What can I do to try and troubleshoot and correct these issues?

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      You might experience the following issues:

      • Cookie errors
      • Unable to stay logged-in, or logged-out
      • Drop downs (like breeds, colors) do not populate correctly when you select a species
      • Using the HTML editor produces unexpected results (unable to select text or change fonts or bold)

      The most common source of miscellaneous problems with your web browser is the browser "security" settings.  Very often these settings will get accidentally changed, or changed by an application that is installed.

      It's also possible that your web browser is having an issue with your cookies, so clearing your cookies may also resolve the issue.

      When this issue occurs it almost always happens with the Internet Explorer web browser.  The instructions below are specifically for IE10 and IE11, the most common versions of IE in use at this time.

      Reset browser security settings to their default

      The best way to resolve the issue is to reset the browser security settings to their default.  This issue is more common with Internet Explorer.  Here is a web page on Microsoft's website on how to reset IE settings: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737

      To reset your Internet Explorer security settings to their defaults, do the following:

      1. Go to Tools > Internet Options.
      2. Click on the Security tab.
      3. Click Reset all zones to default level.

      Clear your cookies

      Clearing your web browser's cookies may also resolve the issue.

      1. Go to Tools > Internet Options.
      2. On the General tab, under Browsing History click Delete.
      3. Make sure that Cookies and website data is checked.
      4. Click Delete.

      Add the Pet Adoption Portal or The Management Interface website to your Compatibility View settings (Internet Explorer 11)

      These instructions are for adding the Pet Adoption Portal website to your Compatibility View settings in Internet Explorer.  This step is most helpful with issues with the HTML editor, for example, unable to select content in the editor window, or unable to change font size, font face or font styles (bold, etc).

      1. Open the Portal or Management website just like you normally do, and go to the web page with the editor where you are having the issue.
      2. Click Tools > Compatibility View settings.
      3. In the "Add this website" box you should see the RescueGroups.org URL (ex., https://portal.rescuegroups.org).
      4. Click the Add button.
      5. The Portal URL should appear in the bottom "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" box.
      6. Click Close.
      7. If the page doesn't automatically reload, you can do so by clicking the browser's reload button or by pressing F5.

      Add the Pet Adoption Portal or The Management Interface website to your Trusted Sites list

      If issues continue, you may be able to avoid the issue by adding the website to your Trusted Sites list.  You should not have to do this, and it should be done only as a test or temporary workaround.

      1. Open Internet Explorer.
      2. Browse to the Portal or Management website: https://portal.rescuegroups.org OR https://rescuegroups.org
      3. Go to Tools > Internet Options.
      4. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon (green check mark).
      5. Click the Sites button.
      6. The current URL should show up automatically in the Add this website to the zone box.
      7. Click Add.
      8. Click Close.
      9. Click OK.
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        Here is a link to Google's directions on how to Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en 

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