I want to make a report with the following information and cannot figure out how to do it.
Name of Animal
Time frame: 1/1/21 to 6/30/21
Intake: owner surrender
Reason for surrender
General Age

Is this possible? If so, can you guide me?

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      What you want to do is actually modify the standard report. Follow these steps:
      1. Log in to RescueGroups.org (https://rescuegroups.org/manage/ )
      2. Go to Reports > Report List > Animal Intakes
      3. Add Start and End Dates and Run the standard report
      4. At the top of the report find the "Fields" link and click it (this is where we start to modify the standard report)
      5. Add "General Age" under animal fields then hit "Next step" at the bottom.
         *Note- You can also remove the field "condition" if desired, it was not in your original list.

      6. Hit "Add a Filter" and then select the following:
          - Field: "Animal Intakes: Type"
          - Operation" Equals"
          - Criteria "Owner Surrender"

      7. Click "Save View Filter"
      8. Run the modified report

      For more assistance in customizing a standard report, you can read about that topic here: https://userguide.rescuegroups.org/display/DMG/Customizing+standard+reports


      1. Kelly Richert

        Is there a way to include the "reason" for intake in addition to the type? 

      2. Emily T [RG]


        Currently, users cannot include intake reasons in custom reports from within your account. You can open a support ticket to request a manual report, and we can gather those details for you. Be sure to let us know the specific fields that you want in your report and over what period of time the report should cover. 

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