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  • To link to a form, create your online form first: Features > Online Forms
  • To link to a Word document, PDF, or spreadsheet, upload the document to Website > Files and Documents before linking.
  • To link to a web page on your website that is not built-in or one of the special lists, create your web page at Website > Add a Web Page before linking.
  • To link to a custom animal group, create the custom group at Animals > Custom Animal Group before linking.
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How to link text or an image to a web page, online form, or file on your website


How to link to an email address or external web page

You may want to add some text or a graphic and have it link to an email address or to another website.


  1. Click the Edit icon next to the web page you would like to add the link
  2. Add some text or an image.
  3. Select the text or image you want to be linked
  4. Then click the link icon in the page editor (looks like a chain).

To link to an Email address:

  1. Link Type, select E-Mail
  2. Type in:

Image Removed

To link to an External website: