Where do I find it?

You can find the Manual Exports page by going to Animals > Exports and clicking Manual Exports.

On this page:

The following actions are available for Manual Updates with the specified service and user roles:




User Roles

Perform Export

Able to create the animal export files

Data Management
Pet Adoption Portal
Web Site

Animal Add

The Manual Exports function creates an animal data export for your organization and saves it in your RescueGroups.org FTP account.  If you do not already have a RescueGroups.org FTP account you need to create one by going to Services > FTP Account before going to the Manual Exports function. See the FTP section of this guide for more information about your FTP account.

The Manual Exports feature was originally designed to generate the data file and pictures that you would need to upload to Petfinder manually. To be included in the manual export file, an animal must have a public status and a Petfinder export account selected under Export Accounts on their animal record. 

The Manual Exports feature generates the data file and pictures that you need to upload to an adoption listing website (like Petfinder) manually. The export includes only public animal statuses, and up to three pictures per pet.

Exporting animal data

Go to Manual Exports to export your animal data.  (Animals > Exports > Manual Exports). The animal data file will be created for you, and saved in the exports directory of your RescueGroups.org FTP account. To download the data file to your computer, log in to your RescueGroups.org FTP account, change the file directory to the export folder and download the data file.

Exporting animal pictures

You can copy all of your animal pictures to your FTP account for easy download by clicking the go here link on the Animal Exports page (see screenshot above). The first three picture file names per animal will be listed in the Manual Export file. To download the pictures to your computer, log in to your RescueGroups.org FTP account, change the file directory to the exports/pictures folder and download the data file.

To transfer files to and from your FTP account you need to use an FTP client.  There are a lot of different FTP clients out there, and you can use any of them.  If you need a suggestion, you might try Core FTP LE.  Download and install the free version.

You could also use Internet Explorer or the Firefox web browsers to connect to the FTP server.  To do that, simply enter the following in the browser's address bar: ftp://ftp.rescuegroups.org.

However, to export images, you need an FTP client.

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