As you begin to explore the Pet Adoption Portal, we want to let you know about some other tools you might want to explore.

You can add free tools to your account that help you to change the way you display animals, provide you information about where your pets are seen on the web, help you to showcase your animals at adoption events, and display animals on your Facebook page.  

On this page:

Pet Adoption Toolkit

The Toolkit integrates with any website to display adoptable pets in an attractive way without advertisements or external links.  That means that if you don't have the Website Service from, you can still display your pets on your website without any of the annoying advertisements some other services include in their pet list options. The Pet Adoption Toolkit is a collection of HTML and JavaScript code that anyone can easily paste into web pages on a website to display pets from the Pet Adoption Portal.  Even if you do have or sign up for our Website Service, the toolkit can be useful if a partner, such as a corporate sponsor or adoption site, allows you to put your adoptable pets on their website.

For information on about how to use the Toolkit, see Using the Pet Adoption Toolkit in this guide. You'll find all the information you need to set the Toolkit up on any website and start enjoying an increase in pet visibility.  Here's an example of a toolkit in action from one of our organizations.

Pet Adoption Tracker

The Pet Adoption Tracker lets you gather and analyze data concerning where your adoptable pets are being seen on the Internet. You can also get information about the views and your visitors.  Geolocation information is provided by IP2Location. See the chapter, About the Pet Adoption Tracker in this guide.

Pet Adoption Kiosk

The Pet Adoption Kiosk allows you to display your adoptable pet photos and descriptions from your laptop.  This is a helpful tool when you are at an event where you can't take your animals and yet, you want to display their images. See the chapter, About the Pet Adoption Kiosk.

Adoptable Pet iFrame on Facebook

Display your adoptable pets on your organization's Facebook page! Simply copy and paste the code into your web page.  For details, see the chapter, About the Pet Adoption iFrame in this guide.

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