Once the structure of your new form is complete (see our Adding, editing, and deleting Online Forms) it's time to add some questions for your visitors to answer. To do so, you have two options. You must either add questions directly to a created form or create the question in the account database and add it to the form. Every online form is made up of questions made in either way. So let us review how to add questions both to a form and to your database.

Where do I find it?

To Features > Online Forms

Let us start with an overview of how you add questions to a form.  Each online form is made up of questions created in one of two ways.  One method is to add questions to the database and then add them to the form (Jump to that section by clicking here).  A second method adds questions to pages on the form directly, which also saves them to a database (jump to that section by clicking here). Whether you choose to add all your questions to the database first or through the form (which also adds questions to the database), you will be adding questions to your form.  

Adding Contact Fields to your form

Before we talk about how to add questions we want to talk about Contact Fields.  When adding a new form, you can specify which contact fields, like address and home phone number, etc., are captured and/or required. These contact fields will appear at the beginning of your online form.  These are handled differently than adding questions.  So, for further information on this topic, please visit this user guide page Adding, editing, and deleting Online Forms

Adding questions to your form- Overview

If you want to add questions directly to a form, either from the database or directly, you must first start by going to your online form.  Do this by going to Features > Online Forms then selecting the form name you want to edit.  If you have not created your form yet, be sure to follow the directions found in the  Adding, editing, and deleting Online Forms page.  You will see something similar to the image pictured below.  Select the Questions button on the left.

Now you are on the screen where you can add questions to the form.  Select Add a Question to this Form.

From here you can either use the dropdown and add a question you previously added into the database (see the Adding Questions to the Database Section) OR use the green Create a new Question button (See the Adding Questions Directly section).  Below we will walk through how to add questions to the database directly or add them to the form directly (which also are saved in the database).  

Adding questions to your account- Using the Database

One way you can add questions is to add them to your database of questions directly.  This is very efficient, as then you can simply select them from the dropdown when adding them to your forms. To be clear, these questions are also stored and available for all future forms you may decide to create.  

To start go to Features > Online Forms > Questions.  

Once you click the Questions button, you have two options for adding questions to your account databases.  You can use both of these options together or just choose one, whichever works best for you:

  • You can create original questions to use (Create a Question button). 
  • You can add all the default questions in the RescueGroups.org database (Create Default Online Form Questions button). These questions can be edited so that you can customize them. 

No matter if you choose to use and/or edit default questions, make your own, or a combination of both there are a few things to consider, please see below.  

There is certain sensitive information that is prohibited from use in your RescueGroups.org account. You cannot ask for an applicant's driver's license number, social security number, or credit card number, for instance, on an online form. Using that type of information results in a violation of your Terms of Service and may result in the form or question being blocked from use.

Per our Terms of Service (https://rescuegroups.org/terms-of-service/), RescueGroups.org may not be used for the collection, storage, or processing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive information (in whole or in part), including but not limited to Social Security Numbers (SSN), Driver’s License numbers, state ID information, birth date or exact age, credit card numbers, mother’s maiden name, financial/bank information, passport information, and healthcare/medical information.

Adding default questions

If you click the Create Default Online Form Questions, those default questions in the RescueGroups.org database will be added to your account for you to use in creating online forms. These questions are common to many rescue groups, they are already named and created, and they can be customized. This example gives you an idea of some of the questions in the database. These default questions are pre-made with the answer types that you'll learn about in the section of this chapter about Creating Questions and Choosing Answer Types, and in the chapter about Using Select Groups

Editing default questions

Default questions are all customizable for your organization.  Select the edit button beside the named question to edit the default question.

Once a question is created and used in a form, you have limited options when trying to change the answer type.  For example, you can change a Freeform Text field to Freeform Text (Short), but you can’t change it to a completely different question type like Checkboxes.  That prohibition allows the tool to preserve all previous answers to this type of question. You don't want to lose the information others have previously submitted. If you want to make major changes to a form, it's best to create a new form and enable it and disable the previous form.

Now that you have online forms questions in your account database, you can add them to your form using the dropdown to select the question.  You can do this as described in the section above " Adding Questions to your Form- Overview ".  

Adding questions to your account- Directly from a Form

Once you have followed the steps in the Adding Questions to your Form-Overview (Features > Online Forms > Name of Form > Questions > Add a Question to this Form)  and are at the point where you are adding questions (see image below), select the green "plus" button.  

From there, a pop up will show that allows you to create an online form question.   From there, follow the directions in our  Creating your own online forms questions  page. 

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