Follow the directions below to complete both steps.

If you have email services or any other configurations on your domain name with your current DNS provider/registrar, they will stop working when you change the nameservers. The most common examples are email services or Google Apps.  To prevent any interruption of service, please contact us before continuing if you're not sure whether you have configurations that might stop working.

Add the domain to your account.

To add the domain to your account:

  1. Go to  Services > Add a Domain Name  (from the drop-down menu) or go to  Services > Domains and use the  Add a Domain Name button
  2. Enter the domain name you already own and have registered with another registrar in the field indicated. 
  3. Click the  Save Domain Name button. 

Be sure to enter just the domain; do not include www.

Point the domain to your website.

To point the domain to your website:

  1. Log in to your current domain name registrar (example: GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) and look for the option for "Name Servers."
  2. Enter the following name servers:
  3. Save the changes, and within a few hours, your domain name will begin to use the DNS service.  Afterward, when you browse to your domain name, you see your website.  If you do not see the change within 24 hours, please contact us.