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Changing your organization's name (NOT DBA)

To change your organization's name, an authorized contact on your account must complete these steps:

  1. Submit your proposed name change to any appropriate state office.  Note that this must come from an authorized contact on your account.  If you are not sure who this is, please contact support.
  2. Submit the name change to the IRS as applicable.
  3. Submit a request to (see the article Contacting and include a copy of the documentation you submitted in steps 1 and 2. 
  4. Once we receive your request and paperwork, we may request a new veterinarian reference letter (see Submitting a Veterinarian reference letter) that uses your new organizational name. You can provide a new letter with your other documentation, but it may not be needed.
  5. When your name change is approved, we will change it for you in your account. The change to your account should update to all websites that use the API, that is, all adoption listing websites that receive our data other than the legacy Petfinder and websites.
  6. Update your Petfinder and accounts. We do not update your organization information for those accounts, so you should log in to each account and update your organization's information with them.


You may also want to read the section, About your organization contact information in this guide.

Changing your organization's name after a DBA ("doing business as") change

If you have changed your organization's name through a doing business as (DBA) change, any site admin can update your organization's name on your website.

  1. Go to Services > Account Administration > Organization Contact Information (or Contact Information in the blue links)
  2. Update the Organization Name and Short Name (Acronym).
  3. Hit Save

Updating your organization contact and billing information video

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