We can help you import your animal data from Petfinder to your account.  This is a process you will only need to do once. 

This import process can upload Petfinder animal records to your RescueGroups.org as a one time import. We cannot upload data from Petfinder on an on-going basis. Once imported, you can manage your animal records in RescueGroups.org account and then automatically export your data to your Petfinder account. 

Existing Animal Records

Please know that if you choose to use this feature to import Petfinder data, this action will NOT affect any pre-existing animal record that is currently listed in your RescueGroups.org account. Therefore, if some or all of your Petfinder animals are already listed in your RescueGroups.org account, then adding animals from Petfinder will create duplicate animal records. If you plan to only have your Petfinder animals in your RescueGroups.org account, we would recommend that you delete pre-existing animal records in your RescueGroups.org account, prior to asking our team to add pets from Petfinder. This will help to ensure your animal records are accurate and avoid duplicate or outdated animal records. Otherwise, your team will be responsible for reviewing the added animal records and make sure that you are not sharing duplicate animal listings. 

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