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Please browse below to see what we've been doing.  The list below only shows the items that may directly affect our users.  Work that we do that is not changing our services is not listed here.  When possible we will link to articles in the User Guide regarding any features or changes.


Dogs are no longer required to have a Primary Breed selected.  Dogs with no breed (unknown breed) will be exported to Adopt-a-Pet.com and Petfinder as their supported Mixed Breed.
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The URL used to manage your RescueGroups.org has changed.  Please go to https://rescuegroups.org and click Login.  Any links or bookmarks to the old URL will automatically redirect to the new URL.


Additional API exports (websites and apps that are not yet public) are now listed on the Animals > Exports page.


Organizations can now enable and disable their exports to the Adopt-a-Pet.com website from their Animals > Exports page. 
Organizations can now disable the Pet Adoption Portal interface/website. 


Pet export to the Adopt-a-Pet.com website now will include up to 500 adopted pets (and all adoptable pets).
Upgraded search engine back-end (should be no perceivable difference). 


Posted to the Beta Testing group about upcoming changes to the Logins
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CMTY-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Account administrator can now remove a microchip registration.
Account administrator can now delete an Outcome.


Updates to prevent duplicate email addresses on Logins.


Minor fixes to the next/previous pets in the Toolkit v3.
Updated the Outcomes data tables to show the Animal Condition from the Outcome (instead of from the Intake). 


Bug fixes: $0 donation added when editing an Adoption, and Adoption Lead not being saved when adding an Adoption.
Outgoing Email Marketing Campaign emails will use a Reply-To header for emails being sent from @aol or @yahoo email addresses.


Outgoing email from @yahoo and @aol email addresses with use a Reply-To header.  This should alleviate some of the issues related to the Yahoo/AOL DMARC change.


Management App for Android released in the Google Play store!



Created community open source projects repository:



Created new Google Groups for our Beta Testers and our API Developers.




Updated the PDF Contracts to resolve issues related to new web browsers and versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader/DC.


Updated animal journal due dates report to include all animal statuses that are in the organization's immediate care


Added the ability to upload attachments to support tickets via the support website


New support website!  Come take a look and let us know what you think.  https://support.rescuegroups.org


Toolkit layout Grid 3 updated to use the user-selected fields for the search layout


Added sort by Security Roles on Users table
Updated subscription links to newsletters and weekly tracker emails
Added the pattern "Cow" for Cats
Fixed issue with search by Due Date on Journal Entries via the HTTP API 


Migrated the User Guide and Support website to a new server to improve performance
Migrated the accounting system to a new server to reduce costs 


Added a load balancer to the test environment
The Test environment now requires HTTPS on most websites like the production environment.


Improved our image resizing procedure to produce higher quality images BE-402


Migrated our Support website to a new platform.  Come check it out!  https://support.rescuegroups.org


Added Journal entry Due Date field (Managing animal journal entries)
Added Due Date and Reminder Date to Animals Journals data table
Added static date-driven report for animal journal Due Dates
Resolved issue with Needs Foster field and animal templates
Removed the meta keywords field from the Website service
Added OpenGraph tags to Website service
Added animal-specific OpenGraph tags to the animal detail page
Resolved issue with Information / About Us menu item


New Horde webmail (https://webmail.rescuegroups.org)
Fixed issue with Chrome browser and SquirrelMail when clicking the Send buton

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