You can change the subscribers to the category you are using in your campaign at any time by changing the name of a subscriber, removing them, changing information about them, or adding subscriptions.

Where do I find it?

You can view the list of email addresses in your Email Marketing Campaign by going to Services > Email Marketing: Campaigns, clicking on the Campaign's Name and clicking Campaign Category Subscriptions (ex., Newsletter Subscriptions).

You can also go directly to the Email Marketing Category by going to Services > Email Marketing: Campaigns, clicking Categories, then clicking the Category of interest. 

From the Category page, clicking Category Subscriptions (ex., Newsletter Subscriptions) will show you the current subscribers to that category.

On this page:

Edit a campaign category subscription

To edit a campaign category subscription, click the Edit icon next to the subscriber in the list of subscribers for that campaign category.  Remember that these subscribers are subscribed to a category, not directly to the campaign.

The fields are the same for editing a campaign category subscription as they are for adding one.  Click Save to update the campaign category subscriber's information.

Handling bounced emails

If an email from your campaign is sent but it bounces back as undeliverable, the campaign category member's status will be updated as Bounced.

Review all bounced members, and resolve any issues.  For example, an email address may have been entered incorrectly.

Once you resolve the issue, you can clear the Bounced status by selecting the checkbox next to the subscriber and then select Clear from the Actions drop-down menu.

Remove a subscription from the campaign category

To remove a category subscriber from the campaign category, select the checkbox next to the subscriber and then select Remove from the Actions drop-down list.

Unsubscribing a campaign category member

Typically an individual person would unsubscribe themselves from your campaign so they no longer receive your emails.

The option to Unsubscribe an email address is available to you in case someone contacts you directly to be removed from your email campaigns.

Do NOT unsubscribe individuals or campaign category members en mass in an attempt to re-send a campaign to them! Unsubscribing the members is a permanent BLOCK to prevent those email addresses from receiving your email campaigns in that category.

To unsubscribe a campaign category subscription, select the checkbox next to the subscriber and then select Unsubscribe from the Actions drop-down list.

Adding Email Marketing Campaign category subscriptions

The following sections have additional information about adding campaign category members to your Email Marketing Campaigns:

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