We want to make a page on our website for animals that need foster homes to share with potential fosterers, we do not want these animals published to petfinder. 

Using the status 'Foster' and the toolkit status 'Available to Foster' in the toolkit I was expecting to be able to see these animals, but do not.

Where am I going wrong?

  1. melissa fear

    Thanks Michelle and Karen, so that would add another couple of options we need to set once when adding an animal to the system, and then again when it becomes ready for adoption.  Is that correct?

    Is there a more efficient way to do this? 
    There is also the needs foster checkbox, is there a way to leverage that? (It's understandable which is good!)

    So if I understand the export/public concept correctly:
    All statuses can be made available public or private, and then you can override individual animals to to stop them from exporting.

    Public or private status makes the animals available to external tools and (probably) to the API...? So anything that is going to be displayed outside of the rescue groups app, needs to be set to public. Right?   And then export is specifically for the Petfinder etc sites that are available as options. 

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Michelle Peters-Spivack [RG]

    Melissa, the Questions feature is for general questions, for more granular details and questions that may have additional options, we recommend opening a support ticket. You can include what we discussed in your ticket. Here's where to open a ticket: https://rescuegroups.org/support/

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    If you would like to make these specific animals viewable on your website with the Pet Adoption Toolkit, but not Export these specific animals to adoption website here's how to do this.

    First enable the corresponding Public animal statuses by going to Animals > Settings > Public Statuses

    Check any status you would like to be shown publicly and click Save.

    Next, disable exports for specific animals.

    To do this, go to Animals > Animal List and click the Edit icon next to an animal that you wish to not export to adoption listing sites. 

    At the bottom of the animal under Export Accounts Selection next to Allow Export, select No.

    Repeat for other animals you do not want to Export at this time.

    Be sure to update your Pet Adoption Toolkit.



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