I am continuing to have trouble with setting the value of animalExportAccounts. I request a list from your server and get them back as an array (see image) and I set the value of animalExportAccounts to be the returned array. There is no error. The animal's are added, but the value of animalExportAccounts is empty.

If I set the value of animalExportAccounts to be invalid un-allowed content, the animals are not added. It seems, therefore, that the data posted is correct, or the animals would not be added. But, the export accounts are not set at RescueGroups.org.

Note: The above array is the result of the query I get to your database. I have tried setting animalExportAccounts to = that. I have also tried simplifying the array to be simply as follows:

Nothing works and can't seem to find any documentation other than that animalExportAccounts should be a list of accounts out of your system...

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