I want people to click on foster@OurRescue.org and have it send us an email. How do I do this?

  1. Stuart Gorman

    That functionality is often called a "mailto link"

    Here's what the html might look like:
    <a href="mailto:foster@OurRescue.org">Email Us</a>

    Here is an article about it. There are plenty of similar articles, if this one doesn't cover your use case.

  2. Michelle Peters-Spivack [RG]


    Thank you for your comment. These instructions are being provided by us to organizations who are not familiar with how to do this using the built in tools. The instructions below are how to do this without adding a mailto: link manually.


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    Here's how to do this.

    Go to RescueGroups.org and click Login

    Once logged in, go to Website > Web Page List

    Click the Edit icon next to the web page you would like to edit.

    In this example, it may be a web page you created with the name Foster information.

    Now that you are editing your web page, type some text on your page like: Questions? Send us an email at foster@OurRescue.org

    Currently, the email address is just text and is not linked. We will add the link in the next steps.

     Select the text, foster@OurRescue.org, with your mouse (1).

    Then click the Link icon on the page editor (2).

    This will open the Link dialog box.

    For Link Type, choose the drop down option Email

    Enter the email address in the E-Mail Address field

    When done, click OK.

    Now you've added an email link to the text you added to your web page.

    Be sure to click Save Content.

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