About 2 weeks ago, emails sent from our email address started bouncing.  We use RG to host our email, and we have it forwarded to gmail, to access it there.  We set it up as described in the Userguide, and in Gmail.  It has worked fine for years. 

Now all of a sudden, all mail sent from our email address started bouncing, with the error message "TLS Negotiation failed".  I opened a support ticket.  I've been told that GMail recently  made some sort of change: "the changes Gmail has made currently does prevent our users from adding email accounts directly through the Gmail client as I believe you are currently doing. We would suggest that you use a different email client or use your browser to access emails while we continue to investigate." 

Then, a week later, one of the things I was told is  "The method you are using to access emails is not a common approach for our organizations and you are using a third party client for which we do not provide direct support."  and "We strongly recommend that you consider one of the methods described in our user guide to access your emails".  

I am very perplexed.  We set this up as described in the Userguide.  We used the settings that are defined there.  Besides accessing email via the webserver, the other options in the userguide are: 1) Reading your email with an email client - That is what we are (were) doing with gmail, and 2) Configuring an email forwarder for your mailbox.  We also have that set up.  Per the instructions in the RG Userguide.    So I am not clear what exactly RG is saying they don't support. 

I have asked, via the Support Ticket conversation, how other organizations are accessing email.  But I have not received a response.  So I am asking here:  How is everyone accessing their organization's email?   You can respond here, or you can email be at my personal email, cajunbiker@gmail.com.  

This is a HUGE problem for us, as we have not been able to manage our emails for 2 weeks now. I am aware that I can read them and reply to them from Horde.  But for about 8 years, we have been using and organizing our email through gmail.   We have adopters, grantors, etc. with whom we are trying to have a conversation.  I have had to start responding using my personal email.   That is, in itself, causing problems.  Especially right now, as we are doing a LOT more online communications, due to the pandemic.

Thanks, everyone, for any assistance you can offer. 

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