I'm just learning about the built-ins that aren't animal-related, like the Board, Donate, etc. and am clueless how to use them. I have a separate Donate page but it seems redundant. Same with the Board page. Thank you.

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      I believe you are referring to the role restricted built-in web pages with the RescueGroups.org Website Service:

      • Adopters Only
      • Board of Directors Only
      • Volunteers Only

      These three web pages allow you to add content to them and only people with a User Login and corresponding Role, would be able to view these pages when they login to your website.

      For example:

      If you have a Volunteer, you would first add the volunteer to your Contacts.

      Then for that contact you would create a User Login for them. Then you would add the Role "Volunteer" to their User Login.

      They would then be able to login to your website and access the web page "Volunteers Only".

      You would also want to add the web page "Volunteers Only" to your Website Menu.

      Here's more on User Logins and Roles/Permissions:

      About roles, security, and permissions

      The built-in Donation Information web page is not role restricted and is available to the public. The benefit of using the built-in Donation Information web page vs creating your own web page for donation information is that the url for the built in web page includes donate in the URL: /info/donate



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