Does anyone have a solution to keeping your volunteers up-to-date with the status (not the actual "Status" field) of an animal up for adoption? We have Fosters who have the animals, Potential Adopters, and Caseworkers who are go-betweens for fosters and adopters. This is a specific request from one of our fosters and it sparked a conversation with our volunteers on how best to do it:

As a foster, one thing I wish I could do is make notes in RG about my dog, like when there's a 'meet and greet' scheduled and who it's with, health or other updates about the dog, etc. Then a caseworker could look at the dog's info and see the latest status on the dog.

we're used to being able to track potential adopters through their adoption app/online form where we add comments to the submitted form and can keep everyone updated on the status of that potential adopter. But we have no way to do this for the animal side of things.

  1. There is a Meet Request for dogs, but it is required to attach this to an event, which we can't use because most meet requests happen outside of events. AND there is no way to put comments.
  2. We can do a Journal Entry for "Foster Updates" and add comments there, but that would muck up the actual purpose of Journal Entry and tracking costs for a dog
  3. There is the private note section, but when more than three lines are added to it, you can't read all the notes.
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