I'm trying to add permissions to a contact.

Her webpage says she needs to be registered before adding permissions.

I tried to register her several times and it keeps saying email address already in use and user name already in use.

 What do I do?

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      This can occur if a contact record has been added AND the person also has a user login where a duplicate contact record has not been added to your contact records.

      What you'll do here is from the user login screen, add the contact record that is connected to the user login and merge it with the other contact record. 

      Here are the steps to resolve this:

      First let's look at the contact record that has been added:

      Go to your account at RescueGroups.org, click Login
      On the left side of the screen there is a search box
      Type in the email address for the contact.
      Change the drop down in the search to Contacts, click Go!

      The next screen will show you the contact.
      Click on the Contact Name.
      At the top of the contact record, you'll see User Login Accounts (0). 

      Okay, now let's look at it from the User Login screen:
      Go to Contacts > User Logins
      Click on the search icon in the upper right side of the data table (looks like a magnifying glass).
      Now type in the person's username in the username field and hit enter.
      Click on the Contact Name.
      You'll see a message at the top of that screen "This contact has not been added to your contact list."
      Since you know this person is in your contacts, you can click "Merge with an existing contact."

      Now you'll have both records connected and you add roles/permissions to their user login.


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      1. Andrea Jaffrey

        What would you do if you find the rogue login account, but the Contact name is blank? There’s no name to click on to merge with the real Contact that you are trying to set up a login for.

      2. Michelle Peters-Spivack [RG]


        Please open a support ticket so we can assist you further.



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