When I select a relationship between two animals, I can select either Parent/Surrogate or Baby/Offspring, but it's not clear which direction the relationship flows.  If I want to say A is a puppy of B, from all appearances, it's just the same thing as saying B is a puppy of A, yet that's clearly not correct.

Seems to me if there are separate relationships of "Parent/Surrogate" and "Baby/Offspring", then they ought to properly track which is parent and which is offspring.  Otherwise, there should maybe be "Surrogate" and "Parent/baby/offspring".

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      Hi Mario,

      The relationships feature is best used for being able to keep track of animals that need to be adopted together (Companions) or animals that come from the same litter.  So the flow of the tree is not really the intended purpose, hence it can seem a bit confusing when trying to enter specific details such as who is the parent and who is the puppy and who is the sibling.  We are definitely open to suggestions about making the feature more robust, if you believe that would help your organization and others.

      You can open a JIRA Improvement request if you think this might be useful to other organizations.  JIRA is the online reporting tool we use here at RescueGroups.org and can be used to submit feature requests, bug reports, and improvements to existing features (such as this).

      You can use your same username and password that you use for this Q&A system and login to JIRA to create that improvement request.  Other users can then see the request and upvote it, watch it for updates, and comment on it.  To add a JIRA Improvement request, go here:  JIRA - Bugs, Improvements, Feature Requests

      Thank you!

      1. Andrea Jaffrey

        I still don't understand which relationship you enter - it is confusing whether you are attributing the relationship of A to B or B to A in the fields.

        If Sydney is the mom to Adelaide, is this how it is entered?  Are you attributing the "Baby" status to Adelaide, or are you expecting us to enter that Sydney is related to Adelaide as a parent and I would need to change it to Parent/Surrogate?

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