I'd like the font size of our menu in our footer to be smaller. How do I do this?

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      These instructions are for advanced uers familiar with CSS. If you are not familiar with CSS a good resource to learn is available here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp

      We will use Chrome Developer Tools for this, but you can do the same with Firefox Developer Tools.

      Open your website.

      1) Then open Chrome Developer Tools.

      2) Click More Tools

      Click on the first icon which is the tool that allows you to select elements on the page.

      Now that you have selected that icon, select an element on the web page. In this example, select the menu in the footer.

      You will see a box surrounding the element allowing you to inspect the properties. On the right, you'll see the div #footerMenu which has the current styles. 

      You can then add your own custom styles and preview the changes in your browser.

      In this example below, we've added a font size of 12px.

      Now that you have previewed your style changes, you will add it to your RescueGroups.org Website Stylesheet.

      Go to Website > Custom CSS

      Add only the changes you've made. Which would be:

      #footerMenu {
      font-size: 12px;

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