It would speed up data entry to have the journal entries cloned similar to the way the pictures can be cloned. Even if you have to check the ones you want to clone, it would greatly improve the speed of entering multiple animals with the same intake information.


  1. Rachel Bretz

    Yes, to be able to clone journal entries would be very helpful. We frequently get a litter of puppies that are all vetted the same at the shelter. So to have to put 6 or so journal entries in for each puppy (sometimes 10 or more!) is very time consuming. Thanks for the consideration.

  2. Rani Hart

    We could really use this feature!!!

    Today, we build out listing templates for Puppies, Adult, Senior, curtosy type posts, etc for the dogs and populate all the standard values to improve data entry time.  

    But the other thing we do - we automatically build out a standard 'medical plan'/'Journal Records' entry template for all dogs in the rescue at the time of intake.

    So, yes, it would be nice to either clone an animals entry (when we have a litter of puppies) or better yet - allow us to pull up a template of pre-planned journal entries inserting the necessary dates/comments. Today you can state you want a minimum of x number of journal entries per 'type' of entry (i.e. 3 vaccinations).  It would be nice to state what specific entries are to be entered for said animal so all you have to do is enter either due date or completed date.

    For example, I enter a puppy.  We will add the serious of puppy shots (completed and due), first adult shot (due), when spay/neuter is due, when rabies is due, when hw test is due, when fecal is due, etc, etc, etc.  We do this for all puppies, same format everytime regardless of litter or seperate intakes.  We use this information not only for internal planning but to explain what appointments the adopters will need make with their vet in the future.   Our adopters have loved having this information summed up for them! (PS - Our vets LOVE this summary sheet also.)   We do this same exercise with adults - just different set entries than what puppies get).  

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    I agree! After seeing this thread, I have created an enhancement request for this. They get prioritized based on how many votes they get. If you think cloning journal entries would be helpful, please log into the support site and vote for the issue by selecting "Vote for this issue" on the right under "People":  CMTY-302 - Allow cloning of journal entries Open

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