I would like to see the medical history on the animal add page, rather than having to enter journal entries for vaccines, s/n, hw tests, treatments etc. We basically have all those services done when the dog is altered and it would be nice to be able to enter that information in the animal add so we don’t have to leave that area to make journal entries. Adding a medical section to the animal add sections where you could enter all this information would be very helpful. Vaccines, date, drop down, type, rabies, dhlpp, da2pp, fvrcp, Testing, date, drop down, type, hw test, fell/fiv test, both with a selection for +/-, flea treatment, drop down, frontline, advantage, comfortis, deworming etc etc etc

Debra Long

  1. Kathy Collins

    Yay!  I wanted to ask for the same thing ( a medical section).  can we also have a field for "Clinic/Vet" - we use multiple and like to track how many cats we send to each one.  This could be free form or if a drop down, users would need to create their own vet/clinic (maybe just pull from contacts?).


  2. Laura Brigham

    Would love to be able to upload copies of all vet records by animal so that we have that information readily available and can print off for adopters.  entering journal entries does not resolve the issue as we have to be able to provide hard copies to adopters.

  3. Patricia McBee

    So years later and no movement.  Any chance this will ever happen?

  4. Susan Schlundt

    This is the very reason I left this application behind.  

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1 answer


    We've added this request to our tracking system, and it is linked below.

    Please go to the following page and vote for this issue if you'd like to see us implement it.  Also, if you have any comments or suggestions related to the request you can enter them at the page below.

    CMTY-126 - Enter medical information on the animal add page Open

    1. Samuel Bailey

      This feature is what ALL rescues and shelters use and need. I fail to understand how this can be outstanding for YEARS. There has to also be a capability to scan in vet reports and X-rays 

    2. Susan Schlundt

      I agree!  We take snapshots of the records and upload them into the files section, but it does not display the description that you can enter during the upload. 

      So we are additionally tracking meds/vaccines in word documents

    3. Andrea Jaffrey

      Susan, how is tracking them in Word Documents better than via journal entries?

    4. Susan Schlundt

      It is only better in the sense that you just enter data, no selecting the dates, clicking pull downs etc. At this time, we are using both methods, keeping two records - the Journal and the Word Document.  We are trying to get away from the word documents but are struggling with 'woobies'.  i.e. comfort of what has been done for many years.  Being a Nurse, I was hoping for more of a Medical Record - Drug Admin type entry.

    5. Whiskers & Tails Rescue Foundation

      I agree. I would love to have this. We currently put all the medical notes in the section "Private Notes". We did scan and upload quite a few of the documents in the document section, but it's a lot of work to scan all the paperwork attach it and manually enter it. I'd love to see a drop down!

    6. Patricia McBee

      How do you print out a medical history of the animal for the adopter when it is mixed in with all the other JE?   

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