This is a repost of a tip I posted on Facebook. I needed to make a quick update on my organization's website with three images of donated litter and the logo of the company that donated the litter. I used on online  free tool from PicMonkey  - it's was super easy, and super fast to create my collage then save to my computer. I then uploaded the one image to my website images, rather than three images, and added it to my News article (Features > News) in the Website Service.

So in, upload the image to

Website > Images > Upload an Image

Then to add the image to the news article to go Features > News Articles > Add an Article, and click on the image icon (looks like a photo) and select the image from the image list.

Thought you might find this tip helpful!

You can see the image and news article here:


Facebook recently changed their Like Box to the what they are now calling Page Plugin.

It now features the ability to have the cover photo; you can also hide the cover photo if you choose.

There are also instructions on this page with how to add the Page Plugin to your website.

To add this code to your Website, you would add this code using a Custom Code Snippet, then add the Snippet to your Webpage.

Here's how to create and add a Custom Code Snippet to your Website: