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Our Fax-to-Email Service is a simple way for your organization to receive faxes. No phone is needed. 

On this page:

How does it work?

We provide your organization with a dedicated telephone number. The phone number is included as part of the service. You include this number on your website, business cards, or anywhere you want to disseminate your fax number. 

When a fax is sent to your dedicated number, the fax is automatically scanned and attached as a PDF to an email sent to the email address you have designated.

How is it billed?

Our service is a flat rate. There is no per-minute or per-fax charge, you pay the same monthly amount no matter how many faxes you receive. You can pay by the year or twice a year. For pricing, see our website.

How do I sign up?

Signing up with is really easy. 

Please read the information on the following page of our website to ensure that you meet the requirements for our services:

On the form, you are asked for three types of contact information:

  • Your information, as the person responsible for the account. When approved, you will have site administrator privileges and will be able to perform all the roles within the service you are requesting. If that's not a responsibility you want, please use the contact information for the person who is responsible.
  • Your organization's contact information. 
  • The information about your organization that you want public.

You are also asked for confidential organization information, that remains between your organization and and is not shown to the public.

The rest of the information requested concerns the service you are requesting as well as information about the services your organization offers.

Once you submit the form, our support staff processes the form and will contact you if there are questions. That's all there is to it!

Fill out the form on this page:

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