Please note, while we transition from Email Hosting to Hosting plans in early 2022, some features described in this guide may not match the features or instructions needed for your existing hosting plan. If you need assistance, please contact our support team.

Is Hosting for you? Hosting can act as your web, email and domain host. As a host, provides your organization with an allocated amount of server space and data transfer allowance, with an administration system that has built-in tools to manage your hosting space for a particular domain name. This service is aimed at organizations that want to administer their own custom website, plus manage their domain records and email accounts.

All plan levels of Hosting provide domain record management. Your team can manage your own DNS records for domains which are registered with, as well as domains registered elsewhere which are pointing at our name servers. DNS records are used to direct your domain traffic or provide information about your domain. You can choose our Domain Only plan if you do not need web and email hosting.

It is important to understand that building a website in Plesk is a much more technical task than the Website Service. If you are not comfortable with building a website, please consider the Website Service instead. You may even want to use both! For example, you can use our website service for your organization's website and use our Hosting services to host your email and domain records. Please view our website for pricing details. provides hosting for organizations who build their own website, but we cannot provide support for the development of these custom websites. Plesk documentation is a great resource if you need assistance. Of course, if you need assistance with your hosting plan itself, please reach out to our support team for help. 

If you have decided that Hosting is right for your organization, you will need to complete both of the following actions:

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