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The animal status field can be changed to reflect the disposition of an animal. The statuses are:



Available for Adoption

The animal is available for adoption and will appear on the Animal List and Animal Browse web pages or be exported according to your organization’s service configuration.

Available for Sponsorship

The animal can be sponsored. You can learn more about sponsorships in the Sponsorships section of this User Guide.  These pets are not exported.

Available to FosterThe animal can be fostered.


The animal will appear on the Successes web page and will be listed on the adopted pets lists on the adoption listing web sites (as appropriate for your organization’s settings).

Hold and Pending

The hold and pending statuses do not appear to the public on the Web Site service.


The animal information is no longer needed, and is ready to be removed from the system (including pictures and all other related information).  Deleted information will appear on the Data Recovery page for 30 days when after which it will may be purged from the database.

All Other Statuses

The animal is hidden from the public, and viewable only by your volunteers.