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Please remember that tells you who has access to your public information.  You can control your exports from the Animals > Exports page, but we are not responsible for any additional sharing, or how that sharing is managed.



  1. How often does the upload to Petfinder occur?  The upload to Petfinder (and their subsequent import) happens on an hourly basis.  It takes a total of about 1-2 hours for your data to be updated on the public Petfinder pet list.  We are looking at ways to decrease the time required, but that is mostly dependant on the Petfinder systems to process your data in a timely manner.
  2. Is there a way to force or push an upload to Petfinder?  No, because the upload happens automatically when you update any of your pets.  So if you want your data to be uploaded to Petfinder just update any of your adoptable pets.
  3. Does Petfinder support HTML via the FTP upload?  Petfinder does not allow HTML, and will actually strip it out if it is included in the data.

Common troubleshooting steps

  1. Check the Petfinder "help" web page for outages and known issues that Petfinder is reporting.  The most common issues that have been reported to us include:

    1. "Pictures not updating."  If Petfinder reports that pictures are not updating, you should not expect them to appear on the public pet list.  This affects your pets regardless of whether you are using to update your Petfinder pet list.  See the troubleshooting pictures item below for additional information.
    2. "Pets not updating.  Search is out of sync, no updates."  You may or may not see your pets on the public pet list when Petfinder is reporting an issue related to "pets not updating."
  2. Check the Petfinder admin page.  Do your pets and pictures appear there?  If so, the upload from ran correctly, but the Petfinder system has not updated their "public" pet list.