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The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor gives you a familiar word-processing style interface to use when editing articles and other content. You do not need to learn HTML or CSS. We can also help you with advice and guidance on either of those if you have questions. Below is the interface.

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titleCustomize the CSS

Instead of changing the font face and font size on each page, we can help you customize your stylesheet so that you can make changes globally to all of your pages easily. Let us know if you need help! 

titleOn this Page

Table of Contents

How to align text


Text Alignment

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To adjust the text alignment: don't use the spacebar, it adds extra HTML code and makes the page unstable.
Instead, select the text you want to align, highlight the text with your cursor and select one of the text Justify/Align icons in the second row.

How to add line breaks


Line Breaks

To keep paragraph lines together,  hold down the shift key and enter/return key.

That action adds a line break tag <br /> and not a paragraph tag < p > which has more space between the lines.



Paste Text from Word or Outlook

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Please use the Paste from Word  or Paste as Plain Text  icons in the first row.  Using the Paste from Word button will strip out any extra styles and non-web-friendly code that can make your page unpredictable or unstable or load slowly.

How to remove font styles from your web page

Once you've copied and pasted to your page, you can then reformat the text styles, bold, font size, etc.


  • Edit the web page
  • Select your text
  • Click the eraser icon on the page editor.

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If that does not work you may want to try:

  • Edit the web page
  • Put your cursor in the page editor
  • Select all of the content on the page [ Ctrl +A on a PC, Command +A on a MAC ]
  • Copytoclip board [ Ctrl + C on a PC, Command + C on a Mac ]
  • Click the Paste from Word button in the editor's toolbar
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  • Paste the content into the dialog box that opens [ Ctrl + V on a PC, Command + V on a Mac ]
  • Click insert.


You open this editor by clicking Edit.

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