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Enter your organization's PayPal account email address and click the checkbox to enable the logo.The website will automatically create the button using the account information you provided.  You will now be able to add it to any page using the built-in custom tags feature.


How to add the built-in PayPal button to your page

When editing a webpage:

  1. In the text editor, click on the Blue Paw Icon Image Modified


  1.  to bring up a list of built-in custom


  1. code snippets. This icon is highlighted in blue below.
    Image Added
  2. Scroll until you see, the Built-in: PayPal Donation Button
  3. Click on Built-in: PayPal Donation Button and it will insert the tag {PayPal/}.
  4. Save the page.
  5. When viewed outside of the editor, you will see a PayPal donation button.

You should now see the PayPal donation button on your web page.


Here's an example of a donation button and the option it creates for a donor to specify making their donation recurring. 

Donate Buttons



Subscribe Buttons

You can also create subscribe buttons and add individual buttons to your website with monthly subscriptions amounts. Example: create a $10 subscribe button, a $20 subscribe button.