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To set up your export to Petfinder and then import into their system:

  1. Send an email from an email address on your Petfinder account to and include the following information:
  2. Your Petfinder shelter ID
  3. A request that Petfinder configures your account for import from
  4. A statement that you understand that your Petfinder pet list will be replaced with your pets from your accountCheck that you have a shelter/group account with Petfinder, and that it is currently active. You can verify this by logging in at
  5. While you’re logged into your Petfinder account, make sure that your email address is listed in the Settings > Organization & Home Page section or shown as an Administrator under the Settings > Contacts & Access section.
  6. In your Petfinder account, make a note of your Petfinder shelter ID#, found in the Pro Dashboard section of your account. It takes the form of a state abbreviation followed by a number, for example: NC987
  7. Visit and enter all required fields:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Petfinder shelter ID
    4. Email Address
    5. Name of Shelter/Rescue
    6. Your City/Province
    7. For Subject, choose Import/Export, Pet Management Software
    8. In Message, provide your request. Here is a Sample Message:
      Please enable the import feature on our Petfinder account, shelter ID# [ENTER SHELTER ID].  We will be using to upload pet data. I understand that our Petfinder pet list will be removed and replaced with pet listings from our account.

  8. When you receive a response from Petfinder help it will include your FTP account username and password.  Forward Forward that email to support
  9. When we receive the FTP account information that you forward, we will configure your export to Petfinder. We will then contact you by email to let you know the export has been configured. This email will share instructions on how to enable the export within your account.
    Here is a sample email you can send to Petfinder.  Be sure to update the shelter ID to your actual account.  Please note that Petfinder will delete all pets from your account in preparation for the import from




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For enabled Petfinder exports, our system uploads data to Petfinder within an hour of a change made to animals in your account.

Petfinder processes uploads as quickly as they can, but be aware that it may take significant time to see the uploaded data in your Petfinder account. Petfinder may take up to 24 hours to update animal listings and up to 36 hours to add new pictures. If your Petfinder account is taking longer than these time estimates, contact our support team. We can speak to Petfinder on your behalf to ensure that your export is configured correctly.