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Common microchip registration errors

"This microchip code has already been registered in the registry. You must contact the registry and have them remove the existing registration before you can re-register this microchip."

The microchip is already associated with an animal. cannot remove any registries so you will need to contact the chip registration company to have them remove the current animal before attempting to register again.

"Chip already associated with an existing pet, and owner."

In both of these cases, the microchip is reported as already registered with the Registry. If you are registering the microchip after the adoption, the new owners may have already registered their new pet directly with the registry. Or, the microchip is still registered to previous owners and you will need to re-register it. If you are trying to re-register a microchip you will need to contact the Registry directly and have the current registration removed before you can retry the registration.

"The pet is missing a required field. Please edit the pet and select a value for the field."

The registry requires a value for one of the pet fields, and that value isn't currently provided on the animal that you are trying to register.  Edit the animal and update the field that is shown in the error and retry the registration.

"Registration of PetLink microchip not saved for non-PetLink registry."

Datamars microchips are sent only to the PetLink registry.  This message means that the registration of a Datamars microchip will not be sent to a non-PetLink registry (eg., FreePetChipRegistry).

"Transponder is not prepaid."

PetLink only allows prepaid microchips to be registered through If this is a Datamars/PetLink microchip, you will need to contact PetLink support directly to register the microchip. If you believe the message is incorrect, you would also need to contact PetLink support regarding this specific microchip.

Failed to validate 'pet' objectobject 

"This typically means that the microchip has already been registered, so we cannot register it again


through You can confirm this by searching for the microchip


on https://www.petlink.netIt


is most likely the owners already registered their new pet directly, or the microchip is still registered to previous owners. If you believe this is incorrect, you'll need to reach out to PetLink support to remove the incorrect registrations."

"Failed to validate some fields."

That means that some field was unable to be validated by Petlink. These are a little more complicated as the exact error is not issued.   Most often this means that the chip is already associated with an animal.  We recommend you go to Petlink ( and search the chip number to see if it is already associated with an animal.  If you check the registry and the chip is not associated with an animal please email and include the chip number and animal you were attempting the registry for.  

"Failed to log-in to API. Please review the errors above, and contact support if you need assistance."

PetLink is reporting that your organization's user credentials are not valid at this time. You will need to log into your PetLink account ( and verify your PetLink username and password. Then, you will need a Site Admin to update your Animal Microchip Settings with valid PetLink information by logging in at and going to Animals > Settings > Microchip Registrations