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    1. Log in to your account (Browse to and click the Login button at the top of the page).
    2. Click Animals > Exports from the top menu tabs.
    3. Make sure API Exports are enabled. This is completed by clicking the API Export icon under the Animal Exports heading. You can read more about what enabling exports hereFor more information and a tutorial video, read our article about enabling exports.
    4. Under the API Export Section, scroll down the alphabetical list to find the listing for Chewy. Make sure it is enabled like below. 

      If it says Chewy disabled, like below, simply click the link to enable it.

... provides you with general export settings to help us understand which exports you want enabled by default. To share with, you'll want to make sure your settings include sharing data with sites that sell animal related products.

    1. Log in to your account (Browse to  to and click the Login button at the top of the page).
    2. Click Animals > Settings from the top menu tabs.

    3. Click Exports Settings

    4. Scroll down to the Privacy settings section.

    5. Verify that Yes is selected for By default, export to services that sell/promote animal related products (food, toys, treats, etc).
    6. If Yes is not selected, click the radio button next to the Yes option and then click Save at the bottom of the page.


Organizations can choose to set the Allow export field to Yes or No for each animal record, and our system only exports animals set to Yes. You can find this field at the bottom of each animal record. Make sure you have this field set to Yes to share this animal data with exports.